Below are the sightings I know of. If you know of others, or have better screencaps of existing sightings, send e-lectronic correspondence to rcm at the dot-net of Smeat. Or use The Twitters. Except for Millennium, it's been readers like you who have alerted me to these sightings.

News? Yes!

2019-12-26: Happy Birthday
As of 11/3/19, this domain is twenty (20) years old! To celebrate, I thought I'd update this page with some sightings from earlier in the year.

2014-06-24: Shirts are going away
Printfection is killing their on-demand printing thing, which means no more Smeat shirts after July 31, 2015. So. Redbubble? Ugh, stay tuned; I should have something up within... a year or so. Thanks to the 6 or 7 people who bought shirts over the years.

Marvel's The Punisher: "One Bad Day" (Netflix, 2019-01-19)

1920x1080  1920x1080 
I caught this on my own. I have no idea how; it's in the background and not even in focus. Hooray for pattern recognition.

The Kids Are Alright: "Show Boat" (TV, 2019-01-15)

1920x1080  1920x1080 
Thanks yet again, readers like you!

Crystal Geyser Ad: "Cashier" (TV, 2014-05-05)

1920x1080  1920x1080  external 
Thanks again, readers like you! According to The Twitters, this ad aired during the Supernatural season finale, so it's almost kind of like another Supernatural sighting. Almost. Kind of.

The Walking Dead: "Seed" (TV, 2012-10-14)

1280x720  1280x720 
Season 3, episode 1. Where's Carl? He's in the kitchen with Smeat, and he's a badass now!

Being Human: "All Out of Blood" (TV, 2012-01-30)

1280x720 1280x720 
Another one brought to my attention by readers like you. It was in the kitchen, and I bet there are a lot of kitchen scenes on this show. Does this mean I'm going to have to watch every episode?

The Walking Dead: "Cherokee Rose" (TV, 2011-11-06)

Season 2, episode 4. For the second time ever, The Facebooks have been useful for something. I totally did not catch this when I watched it the first time. I guess I really need to pay closer attention to all the non-zombie scenes in this show.

Days of Our Lives: "The one from January 17" (TV, 2011-01-17)

720x405 720x405 720x405 
Season 46, episode 4. One of my many Smeatectives let me know of this one, via the Facebook page. Another one where it's mentioned by name. You can also (barely) see that it has a new style of label, along with the round can.

Supernatural: "Changing Channels" (TV, 2009-11-05)

1280x720 1280x720 
Season 5, episode 8. The Smeat is still getting around! I discovered this while checking the wikipedia page on Spam (back when it used to have a Smeat subsection). I accidentally started liking this show. A lot.

Burn Notice: "Wanted Man" (TV, 2007-08-16)

Season 1, episode 8. Another one sent in by a faithful reader, since I didn't have a TV at the time. Thanks, stranger!

A Smeat can in my possession (IRL, 2007-03-30)

1000x800 1000x800 1820x540 
It has been my life's quest to get a real live prop can of Smeat. On March 30, 2007, that quest came to an end when the Waterworld prop I won off ebay was delivered unto me. Mega props to my pal Angel, for pointing out the auction to me (since I gave up looking on ebay a long time ago).

Threshold: "Alienville" (TV, 2006-02-01)

Season 1, episode 13. Someone emailed me this one from the final episode. Thanks, reader! I like that it shows up on the shelf with its name-brand brethren.

Dawn of the Dead (Movie, 2004-03-19)

This is it. I thought there'd be more, and I thought what little there was would actually be in focus, but I guess not. Do note, however, that the can is round this time. Also, the original Dawn of the Dead had a scene with original Spam. That has to mean something.

Buddy Boy (Movie, 2000-03-24)

720x390 720x390 720x390 
Why doesn't Smeat ever show up in GOOD movies? Also, why doesn't it ever show up in well lit movies? Before 9/27/05 you could only get this DVD in Japan.

Beck: "Sexx Laws" (Music Video, 1999-11-03)

640x480 640x480 
All manner of wackiness transpires in the house of Beck. Cut to the pantry, where even the groceries (including some cans of Smeat) are getting down. In late 2009, Beck put all the Midnite Vultures videos up on Vimeo, so I finally have a good capture. Thanx, Beck!

Beverly Hills 90210: "The End of the World as We Know It" (TV, 1999-04-28)

706x540 706x540 706x540 706x540 706x540 
Season 9, episode 23. In a "ripped from the headlines" sub-plot, Steve gets the Y2K bug and stocks up on Smeat (part panic, part to exploit the post-apocalyptic masses). Thanks to eternal patience, I was finally able to get screencaps. Also of note: when this aired, it was only the second time I know of where Smeat was acknowledged by name (the other being "Children of the Corn V").

Children of the Corn V (Movie, 1998-06-21)

888x460 888x460 
The (soon to be dead) teens seek shelter in an abandoned house. Hungry, they search the cabinets for food. "Mmmmmmm, Smeat!" (This is a stubby can variation.)

Millennium: "The Thin White Line" (TV, 1997-02-14)

640x480 640x480 
Season 1, episode 14. The first time I saw Smeat! Frank Black is looking for a killer in an abandoned warehouse. He comes across a pile of garbage and picks up and examines a can of Smeat. He is disgusted.

Waterworld (Movie, 1995-07-28)

1920x1040 1920x1040 1920x1040 1920x1040 1920x1040 1920x1040 1920x1040 
OVER 9000 sightings! 1: The Deacon's ship is filled with filled with crates of vodka and Smeat. 2: Another storage area. 3: Behind the head of some greasy guy Jack Black. 4–6: The Deacon feeds his angry horde by throwing them Smeat. 7: An empty box (I'm going to count this one).

What did I just get done looking at?

Smeat is a fictitious product used as a prop when a certain potted meat product is needed, but you can't (or don't want to) use the name brand. It comes from The Earl Hayes Press (you may know them from such props as "The Recurring Prop Newspaper" and just about every other fake product ever). Smeat has also been a Skylab experiment, a webcomic subject, a YTMND based on the webcomic, a song, a band, a Sun Columnist/airport hero, and even a street in England. I care not for these things, just the potted meat. And the street.

Now join us!

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